VINA PACIFIC INSPECTION JSC (VICO)After more than 14 years of establishment and development with a team of enthusiastic, enthusiastic, professional assessors, having diplomas and certificates of auxiliary training in Insurance, VICO is honored to be one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam. is chosen by many insurers as an independent assessment unit, and a reliable partner for all customers in the field of risk assessment and damage assessment.


VICO provides a full range of loss investigation and assessment services with the following types of services::

Construction damage assessment

Asset assessment and business interruption

Responsibility inspection

Risk assessment and management

Vision, mission
business philosophy of VICO


Bringing the best quality claims settlement services and risk management solutions to each customer we provide.


With enthusiasm, steady development step by step, VICO strives to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of loss assessment and risk management.


1. Commitment to quality and reputation.
2. Humanity, dedicated response
meet customer needs.
3. Professionalism, transparency.
4. Always innovative, creative, effective.
5. Sustainable development.


Vina Pacific Inspection Joint Stock Company (VICO) is committed to implementing and complying with the regulations on standards and quality of work.

  • VICO will send confirmation to the Insurer carry out the assigned case within 02 hours after receiving the official appointment – ​​can confirm on the appointment letter and resend.
  • VICO's assessors will try their best to be at the scene to conduct the assessment within 12 hours after receiving the letter of appointment from the insurer.
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